Montauk Shadow

Montauk-Shadow™MONTAUK- T-TOPLESS-2(tm) (MT2(tm)) patent pending, stainless steel, folding T-Top
Montauk-T-Topless-2™ (MT2™), on the water, Starboard Front.
Montauk-Shadow™MONTAUK- T-TOPLESS-2(tm) (MT2(tm)) patent pending, stainless steel, folding T-Top
Montauk-T-Topless-2™ (MT2™), Raised Drawing.

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• Everything we have for Montauk-Shadows for these boats.
MONTAUK- T-TOPLESS-2™ (MT2™) patent pending, stainless steel, folding T-Top:
  • Notes: Montauk-T-Topless up(FULL SPECS)
    • Mounts on factory Whaler windshield grab rails,
    • Folds down below windshield and bow rail height to fit in garage or under your boat cover,
    • Weighs the same as the factory Bimini Top and catches less wind,
    • Combines the best features our original Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT1™) and lower price of our Montauk-Shadow™ models, yet stiffer with the integrated Stabilizer-Bar, and 2 inches narrower for better side clearance,
    • Rear-Legs bent for more clearance,
    • Optional overhead Gear-Loft for PFDs (use your cooler for drinks),
    • Optional 3-sided Spray Shield enclosure and Gull Wings out to the gunwales (Velcro® and bunji balls)
    • Trailerable, raised (or lowered),
    • 1 inch OD Type 316L Stainless Steel tubing and fittings to stay shiny forever,
    • Many PHOTOS of the Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT1™ & new MT2™).
    1. Pair of Frames,
    2. Montauk-T-Topless DownMontauk-T-Topless (MT2) PartsPair of Rear-Legs (with quick release pins on lanyards),
    3. Curved Rear-Cross-Bar,
    4. Front-Cross-Bar with rail clamps,
    5. Stabilizer-Bar with adjustable rail clamp and quick release pin on lanyard,
    6. (5)each 7/8" or 1" OD Mounting Clamps (Montauks and Outrages are 7/8"),
    7. Sunbrella® canvas and Lacing Cord.

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    RNR-Marine, Inc. Logo Montauk-T-Topless-2™ (MT2™) Specifications

    The Montauk-T-Topless-2™ (MT2™) Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT2™) Installation Drawing is a type 316L stainless steel frame folding top with welded fittings which assembles and installs in about an hour, provides refreshing shade and raises, lowers or removes in about 5 minutes to fit in a garage or under a boat cover. This new top has been redesigned to combine the best features of the popular Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT1™) and Montauk-Shadow™ folding T-Tops offered from 2006 to 2019, offering many improvements, and at a lower cost.

    Detailed Specifications:

    • Fits: The MT2 is designed to fit:
      • 1973-2000 Boston Whaler® Montauk™ 17,
      • 2001-current Boston Whaler® Montauk™ 170,
      • 1981-1989 Boston Whaler® Outrage™ 18,
      • most Boston Whaler® Outrage™ 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24,
      • most Boston Whaler® Montauk™ 150,
      • most Boston Whaler® Dauntless™ 16, 160, 18, & 180,
      • most Boston Whaler® Newport™ 17,
      • most Boston Whaler® Striper™ 17,
      • any boat with 31 to 35" wide, 7/8" or 1" diameter, 30-60° angled forward
        stainless steel windshield grab rails over 42" tall
      • Boston Whaler® Montauk™ 190 & Dauntless™ 15 use the similar T-Topless-2™.
    • Frame: Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT2™) Parts
      • 1 inch diamter polished AISI type 316L stainless steel tubular frame, TIG welded to type 316 surgical stainless fittings,
      • Type 316 Fittings attach the top to your windshield grab rails,
      • Front and Rear Cross bars for rigidity,
      • Integrated curved Stabilizer bar (new for 2020) mounts between starboard rear leg or frame and your windshield grab rail with quick-release pins for added rigidity,
      • Does not rattle!
    • Canvas: Skin Cancer Foundation Sunbrella® Black or Captain Navy (factory original Boston Whaler® blue color) Sunbrella® 9.25-oz. acrylic marine canvas with color-matched Nylon webbing sewn around the perimeter and nickel plated grommets. Supplied with black, braided Nylon Lacing Cord. Sunbrella® has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of over 50 (considered the ultimate in UV sun protection) and has received the Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation.
    • Size: 5'10" long (5'6" covered) X 50" wide rear X 35" wide front = 19.4 square feet of coverage.
    • Height: (clearance to stand under):
      • We recommend mounting the rear legs (bend near the top) near the bottom of the 7/8" dia. windshield grab rails:
        • 6'1" to 6'5" of clearance on 1973-2001 Montauk™ 17 and 170 boats,
        • 6'1" to 6'5" of clearance on 1981-1989 Outrage™ 18 boats,
      • We recommend mounting the rear legs upside down Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT2™) Raised on 1973-2001 Montauk™ 17 Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT2™) Raised on 2002+ Montauk™ 170 (bend near bottom) on the front (or back) of the 1" dia. Reversible Pilot Seat (RPS, also known as a "Flip Flop" seat) seat supports:
        • 6'0" to 6'4" of clearance on 2002-2007 Montauk™ 170 boats,
        • 6'5" to 6'7" of clearance on 2008+ Montauk™ 170 boats,
        • 6'1" to 6'5" of clearance on 2002+ Dauntless™ 160 boats,
      • others to-be-determined.
    • Clearances:
      • Clears (4) or (6) (depending on model year) front Rod Holders (mounted on front of console)
        on all Montauk™ 17, Montauk™170 and 1981-1989 Outrage™ 18 ( same console as Montauk™ 17),
      • Clears (2) factory Rod Holders on the Whaler® Reversible Pilot Seat (flip-flop seat)
        on all Montauk™ 17, Montauk™ 170 & 1981-1989 Outrage™ 18 (same console as Montauk™ 17),
      • Clears original factory 86-quart (original before 1990) Igloo® cooler with Cushion in place when folded down on 1973-1990 Montauk™ 17 and 1981-1989 Outrage™ 18 (same console as Montauk™ 17), Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT2™) Lowered
      • Clears replacement 94-quart (original was 86-quart before 1990) Igloo® cooler with Cushion in place when folded down on 1973-1990 Montauk™ 17 and 1981-1989 Outrage™ 18 (same console as Montauk 17),
      • Clears original factory 94-quart (original from 1990+) Igloo® cooler with Cushion in place when folded down on 1990-2001 Montauk™ 17 & 170,
      • Clears original factory 94-quart Igloo® cooler with Cushion removed when folded down on 2002+ Montauk™ 170.
    • Weight: 34 pounds (37 pounds with box)
    • Photos: click here for photos of the Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT1™ & MT2™) on customer's boats.
    • Assembly: Assemble Port-Frame to Starboard-Frame with Front and Rear Cross-Bars and connect Stabilizer (30-60 mins).
    • Installation: Lace canvas (20-30 mins) and attach top to windshield grab rails (30-45 mins).
    • Maintenance & Cleaning: Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT2™) Box Routine Inspections, Scheduled Maintenance and Cleaning.
    • Options: Gear Loft, 3-Sided Spray Shield enclosure, Gull Wings, White Navigation Light (coming soon). Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT2™) parts in box
    • Warranty: Industry leading 10-year frame waranty and Sunbrella® fabric warranty! (no other T-Top has more than a 3 or 5 year warranty)
    • Manufactured: Made in North Carolina, USA.
    • Reviews: Rated 4.5 / 5, based on 111 customer reviews   ★★★★✯
    • Shipping and Lead Time:
      • Ships (fully insured) via Fedex® or UPS® in a heavy duty 74"x22"x7" x 37lb box (signature required for delivery),
      • Montauk-T-Topless 5 weeks, T-Topless 2 weeks (as of 10/5/21)

    • Price: $1,189.00 , SALE PRICE: $1,089.00 (Fall Fishing Sale)   plus shipping.

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  • Size/Fit:

  • Options:

  • Warranty: 10-Year Frame WarrantyRNR-Marine™ has an industry leading 10-year Frame Warranty on T-Topless™, Montauk-T-Topless™, Shadow™ and Montauk-Shadow™ products,
    • Sunbrella® fabric is covered by the Glenn Raven Mills® 10-year pro-rated warranty.

  • Installation: Installed in an hour or two: Montauk-T-Topless-2™ (MT2™) Installation Guide (A printed Installation Guide will accompany your order). Montauk-T-Topless (MT2) Install

  • Maintenance and Care: Routine Maintenance and Cleaning

  • More Info: Montauk-T-Topless.shtml

  • Reviews: Rated 4.8 / 5.0, based on 127 Customer Reviews   ★★★★✯

  • Video Link: https://youtu.be/IGhPnJPw_70

  • Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $1199

  • Material: see list Sunbrella® marine fabric

  • Select Fabric/Color:

  • Select Boat Model:

  • Lead-Time (Estimated): Montauk-T-Topless 5 weeks, T-Topless 2 weeks (as of 10/5/21)

  • Regular Price: $1,189.00
      -  $100.00 DISCOUNT (Fall Fishing Sale)
      = SALE PRICE: $1,089.00 USD
    + Shipping to

  • Shipping Notes:
    • Signature required for delivery,
    • Can NOT ship to Post Office (PO) Box,
    • Can NOT change your address after order is placed,
    • Buyer is responsible for all Taxes, Duties and Tariffs imposed by local governments,
    • Use a US48 Based (in Florida, New Jersey or Oregon for example) Freight Forwarder to ship outside the USA,
    • Check shipment for damage upon receipt and file claim with shipper.

  • International Shipments:
    • We do NOT ship Montauk-Shadow outside of the United States (US48), a Freight Forwarder must be used outside the USA,
    • Please contact a Freight Forwarder (instructions) with an address in the US48 (Florida, New Jersey or Oregon for example) to ship this for you,
    • Also note that the Freight Forwarders address must be added to your Credit Card to complete payment.
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