Bimini Visor (Factory OEM)
part number [04CB226 BR SN1-xxxxx-Acc]
for 2004-2004 Cobalt®
226 bowrider, No Tower or Arch

Bimini-Visor-OEM-G0™Factory Front VISOR Eisenglass Window Set (typ. 3 front panels, but 1 or 2 on some boats) zips between front of OEM Bimini-Top (not included) and Windshield (NO Side-Curtains, sold separately), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Boat Canvas Identification, Bimini, Valance, Visor, Side Curtains.
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Factory Front VISOR Eisenglass Window Set (typ. 3 front panels, but 1 or 2 on some boats) zips between front of OEM Bimini-Top (not included) and Windshield (NO Side-Curtains, sold separately), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in Sunbrella® marine fabric, produced with the same high quality, original 2004-2004 digitized patterns approved by Cobalt® for the 226 bowrider, No Tower or Arch:
  • Notes: The Visor is the entire clear Eisenglass (clear vinyl) window or window set (typically 3 individual sections, but 1 or 2 on some boats) that zip together above the windshield (typically the center section zips open). The Visor either snaps onto or slides into a track at the top of the windshield (this will be exactly as per original, either snaps or rubber slide). The Visor has Zippers on the top for the Bimini-Top (Not included) and each side (Port and Starboard) for the Bimini-Side-Curtains (Not included, if so equipped) to form the front part of a complete eisenglass enclosure. Often part of "Weather Enclosure". Factory Original-Equipment (OEM) canvas made-to-order and shipped from GLBT® .
    • Factory OEM canvas: Great Lakes® tags p/n [04CB226 BR SN1-xxxxx-Acc], Cobalt® p/n [46xxxx]
    • Manufacturer & Model Specific details for the 2004-2004 Cobalt® 226 bowrider, No Tower or Arch:Cobalt
      • Boot Cover has embroidered COBALT logo on it in contrasting color specified by Cobalt® Inc,
      • We do not have patterns for the 2003 Cobalt 226.
    • TIP: Be sure to check your existing (and adjacent connecting) canvas pieces (and frames) for:
      1. White Great Lakes® tags p/n [04CB226 BR SN1-xxxxx-Acc], Cobalt® p/n [46xxxx] (the tags are approx. 2-3 inches x 4-5 inches),
      2. The Great Lakes®  logo embossed on the heads of the stainless canvas snaps,
      3. The Zipper Size listed above (#8 in most cases) on all zippers.

  • Size/Fit:
    1. Factory Original-Equipment-Manufacturer (OEM) patterned for the 2004 Cobalt® 226 bowrider, No Tower or Arch.
    2. Will ONLY fit and/or zip to other Factory OEM canvas/frames with Great Lakes® tags p/n [04CB226 BR SN1-xxxxx-Acc], Cobalt® p/n [46xxxx] ("cc" is the color code).
    3. ONLY zips to Factory OEM Bimini-Top Frame, Visor and Side-Curtains (NOT included).
    4. Factory OEM #8 Zippers GLBT® Verify that your old and mating canvas has GLBT on the tags and embossed on the Canvas Snaps AND factory #8 zippers (6 teeth/inch), NOT #10 (5 teeth/inch) which are After-Market zippers.
    5. Will NOT fit after-market top or canvas.
    6. Zips to front of OEM Bimini-Top.
    7. Attaches to OEM windshield with Clip-On-Windshield-Frame-Snaps, Stainless steel Snap-Stud-Screws or Keder Welt that slides into a track on the top of the windshield.
    8. Snaps are included, but NOT installed in the canvas (to allow perfect alignment on install), so you will need a Snap Installation Tool for snaps (includes male snap-screw-studs OR windshield clip-on snaps if needed).
    9. Check the 2004-2004 Cobalt® 226 Model-Specific-Information abovefor any other size/fit notes and zipper size.
    10. Does NOT fit Cobalt® 226 prior to 2004.
    11. Does NOT fit Cobalt® 226 after 2004.
    12. Does NOT fit any year/make/model other than the 2004-2004 Cobalt® 226.

  • Options:
  • 100% Guarantee: Made-to-order and shipped from Great Lakes Boat Top Co™ We guarantee our mooring covers, bow covers, cockpit covers, bimini tops, camper tops, and other marine canvas enclosures:
    • Will fit your boat to the specs provided,
    • Will match your existing Great Lakes canvas,
    • Will perform as described when installed properly,
    • Will completely satisfy you with the quality and construction.
    You can count on all of the above or else the boat top or enclosure will be replaced or your money returned. Your boat is a large investment so be sure you protect it with the best marine canvas direct from the factory by RNR-Marine™ and Great Lakes Boat Top®

  • Warranty: This product is covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty.

  • Installation: Canvas and Snap Installation Instructions

  • Maintenance and Care: Canvas and Eisenglass Care and Maintenance
  • Reviews: Rated 4.5 / 5, based on 111 customer reviews   ★★★★✯

  • Your Boat:

    STEP 1) Cobalt 226 (2004-2004) 12-digit HIN: (required)
    • Your 12-digit Hull-Identification-Number (HIN) (FGEsssssmbyy) is embossed on the starboard side of your transom, below the rub rail, and the HIN should also be on your registration papers (verify it with the official HIN on your transom) and may also be on your insurance documents,
    • The HIN is required to verify the boat manufacturer (first 3-digits) and determine date of manufacturer (last 4-digits) to determine the correct revision of the Bimini Visor (Factory OEM),
    • Based on the model (Cobalt 226) and HIN you provide, we will verify:
      • the exact, correct revision of the Bimini Visor (Factory OEM) pattern to use,
      • the correct fabric and the color(s) originally offered from the factory by Cobalt® for the 2004-2004 Cobalt 226,
    • Unfortunately, the HIN does NOT tell us what model the boat is, what options the boat has or what color canvas it originally came with, so we must rely on you to select the boat, options and color from our web site.

  • Material/Colors:

    STEP 2)
    1. Color Chart: Sunbrella® Marine Fabric Color Chart (some colors are no longer available),Sunbrella® Logo
    2. Select Fabric/Color: any color Sunbrella® marine fabric. Cobalt® allows us to make OEM canvas in ANY color on our list below. To match your existing factory-orignial Cobalt® OEM canvas and covers, we recommend choosing one of these factory (OEM) colors originally offered by Cobalt® for the 2004-2004 Cobalt® 226: Black, Captain Navy, Forest Green, Taupe (no longer available, replaced by similar Linen), Jockey Red and Sunflower Yellow Sunbrella®, with 30ga Eisenglass clear vinyl window material

  • Lead-Time (Estimated): Lead time est. is 4-7 weeks as of 7/20/20

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  • Shipping Notes:
    • Signature required for delivery on orders over $500,
    • Can NOT ship to Post Office (PO) Box,
    • Can NOT change your address after order is placed,
    • Buyer is responsible for all Taxes, Duties and Tariffs imposed by local governments,
    • Use a US48 Based (in Florida, New Jersey or Oregon for example) Freight Forwarder to ship outside the USA or Canadian Provinces,
    • Check shipment for damage upon receipt and file claim with shipper.

  • International Shipments:
    • We do NOT ship Cobalt Bimini-Visor-OEM-G0 Outside North America (continental United States 48 States (US48) and Canadian Provinces), Overseas: Use a US-based Freight Forwarder,
    • Please contact a Freight Forwarder (instructions) with an address in the US48 (Florida preferred for timeliness) to ship this for you,
    • Also note that the Freight Forwarders address must be added to your Credit Card to complete payment.
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