Bimini Top Pontoon Unassembled Carver

Bimini-Top-Pontoon-Unassembled-Carver™Carver(r) UNassembled, folding 4 square tube Pontoon Bimini Top with nylon fittings, hardware and straps.
Carver® 10 foot, 4 Bow Pontoon Bimini Top, with Optional Front Brace, beneath.
Bimini-Top-Pontoon-Unassembled-Carver™Carver(r) UNassembled, folding 4 square tube Pontoon Bimini Top with nylon fittings, hardware and straps.
Carver® Double Joining Pontoon Bimini Tops, partno A48008UB.

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• Everything we have for Bimini-Top-Pontoon-Unassembled-Carvers for these boats.
Carver® UNassembled, folding 4 square tube Pontoon Bimini Top with nylon fittings, hardware and straps.:
  • Notes: Sun and rain protection with all the headroom you want in a variety of colors. There is a Carver® Pontoon bimini top to accommodate almost any Pontoon. This UNassembled Aluminum, 4-square bow Bimini-Top is built tough and durable to meet standard marine applications, yet easy to install with just a drill and screwdriver.
    1. Canvas: Sunbrella® or Outdura® 100% solution dyed 9.25oz./sq.yd. marina Acrylic fabric, Sun-DURA® or PolyGuard® polyester fabrics (NO zippers on front, sides or back),
    2. Frame: UNassembled, sturdy 1-inch Square satin-finish Aluminum frame (Double-walled main bow for added strength) with High Grade Black Nylon Fittings, Storage Boot Cover
    3. FREE Matching Color Sunbrella® Zippered Storage Boot Cover included,
    4. Deck Mounts, Straps and Strap Eyes:
      • (2)ea. High grade Black Nylon Deck Hinge fittings with 316 Stainless screws for mounting to boat,
      • (4)ea. Black Solution Dyed Polypropylene Bimini Straps with 316 Stainless Steel Buckles/Ends and Adjusters,
      • (4)ea. Type 316 Stainless Steel Strap Eyes with 316 Stainless Screws (to hook bimini straps to boat).

  • Size/Fit: Measure Bimini Select your Width, Length and Height to ensure the best fitting Bimini Top for your boat. Watch this YouTube® Video by Carver®; on How to Measure your Boat for a Bimini-Top, then
    1. Measure Boat's Width: Measure the distance between the mounting points on each side of the boat. Select appropriate range to include your width. To Find Mounting Points - Select a point on each side of the boat that will be the middle of the bimini based on the desired length,
    2. Select Bimini Length: The amount of shade coverage you want from your bimini - generally from in front of the captain's chair to behind the middle seats, and
    3. Determine Bimini Height (from Gunwales): The height of the bimini is the height from the mounting points to the underside of the top. To determine the standing height, measure from the floor of your boat to the mounting points on the side of the boat, then add this measurement to the quoted height of the bimini. Be sure to plan for where to fold the top down.
    • These Bimini-Top are NOT the Factory Original and do NOT have zippers to mount front, side or aft eisenglass visors/connectors, windshields or curtains.

  • Options: Bimini-Top Strut Braces
    1. p/n 62021 Aluminum 33" Square Tube Rear Strut Braces for 48" High Pontoon Top (pair),
    2. p/n 62022 Aluminum 38" Square Tube Rear Strut Braces for 54" High Pontoon Top (pair),
    3. p/n 62016 Aluminum 48" Square Tube Rear Strut Braces for 64-68" High Pontoon Top (pair),
    4. other Bimini-Tops for fishing, sport and waketower boats,
    5. Universal Pontoon Replacement Canvas with Light Cutouts,
    6. Replacement Carver® Sunbrella® Bimini Boots for Carver® Bimini-Tops only,
    7. Matching Carver® Custom-Fit® Trailerable Boat-Covers,
    8. Matching Carver® Styled-to-Fit® Trailerable Boat-Covers

  • Warranty: The materials and workmanship of this products are guaranteed by Carver® to be free of defects at time of manufacture and are covered by the Carver® https://www.carvercovers.com/about-carver/product-warranty-information/ limited warranties: Sunbrella®: 10 years, Sun-Dura™: 7 years, Performance Polyguard®: 5 years. The following will VOID warranty: 1) use of Bungee Cords instead of Tie-Down Straps, 2) use of Boat Cover In-Water (becuase the cover will stay wet). (Product warranties are listed on http://www.rnr-marine.com/Warranty.shtml).

  • Installation: Assembly video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bug-zCBIeQI , Installation Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDXSEydNZc4, Installation Instruction: http://www.carvercovers.com/bimini-tops-installation-guide/

  • Styles: (click image to enlarge)
    Buggy Style 4 Tube Bimini Std 4 Tube Bimini with Light Cutout Self Supporting Double Joining Biminis

  • Maintenance and Care: Care and Maintenance

  • More Info: https://www.carvercovers.com/square-tube-bimini-top/

  • Reviews: Rated 4.8 / 5.0, based on 127 Customer Reviews   ★★★★✯

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