TTopCover™ T-Top Boat Cover Trolling Motor Modification

T-Top-Boat-Cover-Trolling-Motor-Modification™Trolling Motor modification option for TTopCover(tm) T-Top Boat Cover
Sea Pro, SV1900CC, 20xx, TTopCover™, with Trolling Motor, Port Front.

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Trolling Motor modification option for TTopCover™ T-Top Boat Cover:
  • Notes: ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU CAN BRING YOUR BOAT TO OUR SHOP IN CHARLESTON, SC FOR MEASUREMENT. Only required on permanently mounted Trolling-Motor on the Port or Starboard bow area. Not required if you have a quick-release on the Trolling Motor so it can be removed. Only available with TTopCover™ T-Top Boat Cover purchase.

  • Size/Fit:
    1. You MUST bring your boat to our shop in Charleston, SC for measurement,
    2. Fits around Trolling-Motor on the Port or Starboard bow area,
    3. This option may cause water to collect in the bow and it may not be a custom fit,
    4. We recommend pulling the trolling motor back into the boat or removing it instead of this modification,
    5. PHOTO required (reply to Order-Confirmation Email with PHOTO).

  • Warranty: Manufacturer Limited Warranty. The WeatherMAX 80® 8 oz. fabric should last 5-9 years and has a 4-year Warranty (alternative Black and Navy Elite® 9 oz. fabric have a 5-year Warranty). Laportes® warrants to the original purchaser of its product that Laportes will repair or replace any products found to be defective in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original purchase date. Use of this cover In-Water voids all warranties. Use of Bungee Cords instead of Tie-Down Straps will void warranty. See full details at https://ttopcovers.com/warranty/.

  • Maintenance and Care: Canvas Care and Maintenance

  • Reviews:BBB® logo rated 4.9 / 5.0 based on 138 RNR-Marine™ customer reviews and 15 Better Business Bureau® reviews

  • Video Link: Videos/T-Top-Boat-Covers.wmv

  • Lead-Time (Estimated): Lead time est. 1-3 weeks (TTopCovers and Curtains), 1-2 weeks (Shade Kits) from order finalization (as of 1/12/23)
  • Shipping Notes:
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BBB® logo rated 4.9 / 5.0 based on 138 RNR-Marine™ customer reviews and 15 Better Business Bureau® reviews

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