International Freight Forwarders - the least expensive way to ship products abroad

Purchasing US made products and having them shipped direct to your door by USPS, UPS, Fedex or a common carrier is very expensive.

International Freight Forwarders are a cost effective way to have ship products abroad. Total shipping is typically reduced to 1/3 of the shipping costs to have your package shipped direct from our factory to your door, and shipping timeframes are similar. An International Freight Forwarder allows you to "SHOP LIKE AN AMERICAN", as says (whom many of our customers use to ship to Sweden, Norway and Denmark).

What is an International Freight Forwarder? An International Freight Forwarder is a company that combines shipments from the United States (US48 in our case)) for overseas shipping and distributes the packages in the target country. In most cases, International Ocean Freight Forwarders, licensed by the Unites States Federal Maritime Commission as Ocean Transportation Intermediaries, arrange for shipments to and from the US48 by ship.

How does it work?

  1. Contact an International Freight Forwarder, often located in New Jersey, Florida or California (Google search , directory , Sweden/Norway/Denmark):
  2. Make arrangements with them to ship your packages to your address,
  3. Add and pay for your selected product to Cart with "Ship to US48: $xx.xx", and enter the address and specific shipping code provided by the Freight Forwarder,
  4. We will ship the products(s) to your name, in CARE/OF (C/O) the International Freight Forwarder using the the address and specific shipping code provided by the Freight Forwarder,
  5. The Freight Forwarder will sign for your package, combine it with other shipments, and have it shipped to your country, where it is then delivered to your door, or can be picked up (depending on your arrangement).
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