for 2004-2007 Boston Whaler®
Montauk 170 center console

Montauk-T-Topless™MONTAUK-T-TOPLESS-2(tm) (MT2(tm)) patent pending, stainless steel, folding T-Top
Montauk-T-Topless-2™ (MT2™), on the water, Starboard Front.
Montauk-T-Topless™MONTAUK-T-TOPLESS-2(tm) (MT2(tm)) patent pending, stainless steel, folding T-Top
Boston Whaler, Montauk 170, 2020, Montauk-T-Topless-2™ folded down, factory Helm and Reversible Pilot Seat covers, Port Front.
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MONTAUK-T-TOPLESS-2™ (MT2™) patent pending, stainless steel, folding T-Top:
  • Notes:
    • 2004-2007 Boston Whaler® Montauk 170 Model Specific Details: The 2002-2007 Montauk 170 windshield grab rail is 45-46 inches high: the Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT2™) provides 6-foot 2-inch clearance, and clears the original 94 quart Igloo® cooler with cushion when lowered (clears bow rails when lowered), or can be mounted lower (may not clear cooler if mounted too low), and should be installed by mounting the rear legs flipped upside down to the Reversible Pilot Seat. We also have the Carver® p/n 10361 Reversible Pilot Seat (RPS) Sunbrella® Cover (non OEM) and p/n 10362 Console (no T-Top) Sunbrella® Cover (non OEM) which are not listed here yet.
    • Product Details: MT2 up(Full Specs)
      • Mounts on factory Whaler windshield grab rails,
      • Folds down below windshield and bow rail height to fit in garage or under your boat cover,
      • Weighs the same as the factory Bimini Top,
      • Combines the best features our original Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT1™) and lower price of our Montauk-Shadow™ models, yet stiffer with the integrated Stabilizer-Bar,
      • Optional Gear-Loft, 3-sided Spray Shield enclosure and Gull Wings,
      • Trailerable (lowered and tied down),
      • 1 inch OD Type 316L Stainless Steel tubing and fittings stay shiny forever,
      • Photos of Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT1™ and new MT2™),
      • "By golly Bob, this thing is pretty cool".
        "Yes Dick, it really is, and Raymond can get in without tripping over that silly bimini".

      Includes:MT2 DownMT2 Parts
      1. Pair of Frames,
      2. Pair of Rear-Legs (with quick release pins on lanyards),
      3. Curved Rear-Cross-Bar,
      4. Front-Cross-Bar with rail clamps,
      5. Stabilizer-Bar with adjustable rail clamp and quick release pin on lanyard,
      6. (5)each 7/8" or 1" OD Mounting Clamps (Montauks and Outrages are 7/8"),
      7. Sunbrella® Canvas and Lacing Cord.

  • Size/Fit: Verify fit on your boat!
    • Montauk™ 17/170, Outrage™ 18 and many other Whalers with factory console and factory stainless steel grab rails (as well as many other boats):
      • Measure1973-2001 Montauk™ 17/170: 6'1" to 6'5" height,
      • 2002-2007 Montauk™ 170: 5'11" to 6'3" height (lower console),
      • 2008-current Montauk™ 170: 6'3" to 6'7" height,
      • 1981-2000 Ourtage™ 18: 6'1" to 6'5" height,
      • most other Outrages™,
      • most Montauk™ 150, 18, 19, 190s,
      • many Dauntless™ 15- 200,
      • other (non Whaler) boats with 31-35" wide, raked forward (+5° to +45°) 7/8" or 1" inch OD Stainless Steel Windshield Grab Rails (No Aluminum rails). Please click for Diagram to Measure your Windshield Grab Rails.
    • Clears standard Igloo® 86 quart (pre-1990) or 94 quart (1990+) cooler used on Montauks,
    • Allows use of factory rod holders on front of Console and on back of the factory Reversible Pilot Seat,
    • Overall height is approximately 27" to 29" above the windshield grab rails (1-2" can be gained by mounting the rear legs higher),
    • BoxDoes NOT fit 3/4"or 1.00" or larger dia. rails,
    • Fits under standard Boat Covers,
    • Use our Spray Shield instead of a Console Cover,
    • Ships (fully insured) in a sturdy 49"x22"x7" x 36lb box (signature required).

  • Options:

  • Warranty: 10-Year Frame WarrantyRNR-Marine™ has an industry leading 10-year Frame Warranty on T-Topless™ and Montauk-T-Topless™. Sunbrella® fabric is covered by the Glenn Raven Mills® 10-year pro-rated warranty.

  • Installation:
    Installs in 2 hoursMT2 InstallMT2 on Seat with a large Phillips Screwdriver, 7/16" Box End Wrench and 3/16" Allen Wrench per the Montauk-T-Topless-2™ Installation Guide. Rear Legs mount to the back of the Windshield Grab Rails or the Reversible Pilot Seat.

  • Maintenance and Care: Routine Maintenance and Cleaning

  • More Info: Montauk-T-Topless.shtml#product

  • Reviews:BBB® logo Rated 4.9 / 5.0 based on 133 RNR-Marine™ customer reviews and Better Business Bureau® reviews

  • Video Link: https://youtu.be/IGhPnJPw_70

  • Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $1309

  • Lead-Time (Estimated): Lead time is 3 biz days on T-TOPLESS-2, 2 weeks on MONTAUK-T-TOPLESS-2 (as of 5/5/22)

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    • Signature required for delivery,
    • Can NOT ship to Post Office (PO) Box,
    • Can NOT change your address after order is placed,
    • Buyer is responsible for all Taxes, Duties and Tariffs imposed by local governments,
    • Use a US48 Based (in Florida, New Jersey or Oregon for example) Freight Forwarder to ship outside the USA,
    • Check shipment for damage upon receipt and file claim with shipper.

  • International Shipments:
    • We do NOT ship Boston Whaler Montauk-T-Topless outside of the United States (US48), a Freight Forwarder must be used outside the USA,
    • Please contact a Freight Forwarder (instructions) with an address in the US48 (Florida, New Jersey or Oregon for example) to ship this for you,
    • Also note that the Freight Forwarders address must be added to your Credit Card to complete payment.
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BBB® logo Rated 4.9 / 5.0 based on 133 RNR-Marine™ customer reviews and Better Business Bureau® reviews

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