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RNR-Marine™, Inc has Factory Original-Equipment (OEM) Canvas for 1,000's of boats and manufactures the T-Topless™, Montauk-T-Topless™, Shadow™, Montauk-Shadow™ and Flats-Top™ folding and removable tops for Center Console and Flats Boats
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HUGE END OF MONTH SALE through Sunday.
• Lead times are a few days longer, but most products are being made and shipped in 2-3 weeks.
• Our new Montauk-T-Topless-2™ (MT2™) is shipping in 3-5 biz days!
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Measure your Center Console Boat for a T-Topless™ (new TT2™) or Montauk-T-Topless™ (new MT2™)

Center Console Dimensions Top Model: new T-Topless-2™ or new Montauk-T-Topless-2™
Width between Grab Rails (Center to Center): inches*
Windshield grab rail width: Narrow T-Topless=27-31", Medium T-Topless=31-35", Montauk-T-Topless-2™=31-35", Wide T-Topless=35-39",
Height from Floor to Top of Grab Rails: inches*
Rear Leg Mount Height (Railing) from Floor: inches* (farthest/lowest point back on rails, or top of console at rear if you have no rear grab rails)
Diameter of Stainless Steel Rails: 7/8" ,1.00" or1-1/4" inches* (No Aluminum Rails)
Front Cooler Height (front cooler or bait well from floor) = inches WITH or WITHOUT Cushion
  • Igloo® 72-quart (new) is typically 15.6" without Cushion + 2.75" Cushion = 18-3/8" with Cushion
  • Igloo® 86-quart (pre-1990) is typically 15.6" without Cushion + 2.75" Cushion = 18-3/8" with Cushion
  • Igloo® 94-quart (since 1990) is typically 17.6" without Cushion + 2.75" Cushion = 20-3/8" with Cushion
Tip: Grab Bar Height must be 28 inches above Cooler for clearance to rotate forward!
Tip: T-Topless-2™ and Montauk-T-Topless-2™ will be about 25-1/2" above the grab rail.
Boat: Make/Model: Year:   Length: feet
Name: First:   Last:
Email: *
Note: * = required

The T-Topless™ and Montauk-T-Topless™ (MT2&trade) are not designed or approved for mounting on Aluminum Grab Rails. RNR-Marine™, Inc. considers this an unsafe installation, and will not warrant or be held liable for any damages should the top be mounted on aluminum grab bars!

Send these dimensions to RNR-Marine™ by:

Measure Dimensions Center Console T-Topless Flats-Top Shadow Montauk-T-Topless What fits your boat? Coverage Height Width Length