nmf TTopCover™ T-Top Boat Cover for Avon® S 4.60 (1970-2021) from RNR-Marine.com™ (p/n: T-Top-Boat-Cover)

TTopCover™ T-Top Boat Cover
for Avon® S 4.60 (1970-2021)

T-Top-Boat-Cover™Custom TTopCover(tm) attaches beneath Factory T-Top or Hard-Top to cover entire boat and motor(s)
Sea Fox, 256CC, 20xx, TTopCover™, Starboard Rear.
T-Top-Boat-Cover™Custom TTopCover(tm) attaches beneath Factory T-Top or Hard-Top to cover entire boat and motor(s)
Sea Hunt, Gamefish 25, 2012, TTopCover™, Port Front.
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• Everything we have for T-Top-Boat-Cover-Wmaxs for these boats.
Custom TTopCover™ attaches beneath Factory T-Top or Hard-Top to cover entire boat and motor(s):
  • Notes: Ventilation
    • Patterns for 1,000's of factory installed boat T-Tops or Hard-Tops:
      • Not a Generic pattern like other covers,
      • We can pattern your boat (no charge) or find one in Charleston, SC if we don't have a pattern for your boat yet,
    • Installs beneath Top frame and covers entire boat and motor(s),
    • Open under the top to help avoid Mold and Mildew by drawing air in from the edges, where it warms, rises and passes out the top,
    • Great in Snow.

  • Size/Fit: Fits Avon® S 4.60, TTopcoverPatterned for Factory Installed T-Top or Hard-Top ONLY (NOT after market tops) to fit and completely enclose the entire boat and lowered motor(s). Accommodates most Bow Rails, Anchor Rollers, Power Pole, Talon and removable Trolling Motors. Initial installation takes 15-45 minutes to adjust straps to top, and only 5-10 minutes thereafter. For boats kept on a Trailer, Lift or Jet Dock.
    Not intended for In-Water use. Not trailerable.
    1. When ordering, select:
      1. Color,
      2. Full Height Zipper Side: (from T-Top to Floor): PORT or STARBOARD?
      3. Bow Rails and pulpit height?
      4. Bow Anchor style?
    2. After ordering, please reply to Order Confirmation Email with:
      1. Photos of Bow Rails, Pulpit or Anchor Roller (if so equipped),
      2. Side and Aft photos of boat and motor(s),
      3. Motor(s) Model, Size and Mounting on Transom, Jack Plate or Bracket? Power-PoleNotched Power Pole
      4. Power Pole or Talon? Side? Photo? Anchor Poles often fit behind the cover, but sometimes need a cutout or hole,
      5. Any other protrusions (Ski Tow Bar)?
    3. Trolling Motor must be removed with Quick Release. If trolling motor is not removable and you can bring your boat to Charleston, SC and buy the Trolling Motor Pocket... OR buy our T-Top Storage Curtains instead,
    4. For Lift or Dry Stack storage, we recommend a Sand-Bag every 6 feet on each side plus 2 at the transom.

  • Options:
  • Alternatives:

  • Warranty: Manufacturer Limited Fabric Warranty. The Weathermax™ 8 oz. fabric and Grey Elite™ 9 oz fabric should last 5-9 years and have a 4-year Warranty. Black and Navy Elite™ 9 oz. fabric should last 5-9 years and have a 5-year Warranty.. Laportes® warrants to the original purchaser of its product that Laportes will repair or replace any products found to be defective in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original purchase date. Use of this cover In-Water voids all warranties. Use of Bungee Cords instead of Tie-Down Straps will void warranty. See full details at https://ttopcovers.com/warranty/.

  • Installation: Installation Guide, Video and Video on Lift

  • Maintenance and Care: Canvas Care/Maintenance

  • Reviews: Rated 4.8 / 5.0, based on 127 Customer Reviews   ★★★★✯

  • Video Link: Videos/T-Top-Boat-Covers.wmv

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