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RNR-Marine™, Inc has Factory Original-Equipment (OEM) Canvas for 1,000's of boats and manufactures the T-Topless™, Montauk-T-Topless™, Shadow™, Montauk-Shadow™ and Flats-Top™ folding and removable tops for Center Console and Flats Boats
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TTopCover™ Under T-Top or Hard-Top Boat Covers T-Top Mooring/Storage Curtains Carver® Custom-Fit™ Trailerable Boat Covers for 1,800+ boats Carver® Styled-To-Fit™ Trailerable Boat Covers for 15,000+ boats Carver® Center Console Boat Covers LaPortes® Center, Dual Console & Flats Boat Covers Laportes® Custom Trailerable, Center Console (No T-Top) Boat Covers Carver® Over T-Top or Hard-Top Boat Covers Carver® Under Wakeboard-Tower Boat Covers Carver® Over Wakeboard-Tower Boat Covers Carver® Flats-Boat with Poling-Platform Covers Universal Console Covers, No T-Top Universal Leaning-Post Covers Universal Reversible (Flip-Flop) Seat Covers Snap-In-Carpet™ Mat Set   Motorcycle covers (Winter 2021)
  Snowmobile covers (Winter 2021)
  Golf Cart covers (Winter 2021)
  ATV covers (Winter 2021)
  UTV covers (Winter 2021)
  Sport UTV covers (Winter 2021)
  Snowmobile covers (Winter 2021)
  RV covers (Winter 2021)
  Carver® PWC covers (Winter 2021)
  Kayak covers (Winter 2021)
  Canoe covers (Winter 2021)

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T-Topless™ folding T-Top photos & images Montauk-T-Topless™ folding T-Top photos & images Shadow™ folding T-Top kit photos & images Montauk-Shadow™ folding T-Top kit photos & images TTopCovers™ T-Top boat cover photos Videos TRACK your Order
Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions:     T-Topless™Shadow™Flats-Top™

Q. Can I stand up under the T-Topless™, Shadow™, Montauk-T-Topless™, Montauk-Shadow™ & Flats-Top™?
A. Yes. The T-Topless™ and Shadow™ typically provide 6'2" to 6'6" of clearance inside, while the Montauk-T-Topless™ and Montauk-Shadow™ provide about 6'5" inside clearance.

Q. Can I stand up under the Flats-Top™?
A. No. You can stand in front of the Flats-Top™ and even lean on it while you drive and look for fish, or sit under it for some shade.

Q. Can I leave the top up at speed?
A. Yes. The T-Topless™, Montauk-T-Topless™, Shadow™, Montauk-Shadow™ and Flats-Top™ are designed to be used at speed. In fact, the T-Topless™ and Shadow™ have been tested at 67mph and we'd love to test at higher speeds! ;-)

Q. Can I leave my top up when I trailer my boat?
A. Yes. The tops are designed to be left up when trailering at legal highway speeds (70mph+), and will fit below bridges, etc. when the boat is on a standard trailer. We've towed our boat 1,000's of miles with the top raised. Don't forget to remove your rods from the rod holders though - they can blow out!

Q. How do I know what will fit my boat?
A. If your boat is listed on the Technical list, the T-Topless™ or Shadow™ kit will fit. If not, measure your grab bar width, height and cooler height and use the table and formula or eMail your boat make/model/year and these dimensions to us. We'll verify the fit, often by superimposing the top raised & lowered on a picture of your boat. If you have problems or are not satisfied, arrange to return your top for a refund.

Q. Will it fit in my garage?
A. In almost all cases, the T-Topless™, Montauk-T-Topless™, Montauk-Shadow™ and Shadow™ fold below your windshield grab bar height. The Flats-Top™ usually fits fine, unless you need a tall version and your barely fits now. So if your boat fits now (see our "Garaging Tips" for help with getting your boat to fit in your garage), it will fit with the T-Topless™, Shadow™ or Montauk-T-Topless™ folded down. If not, send it back!

Q. Can I remove the tops to Fly-Fish or for Winter boating?
A. Yes, thats one of the best features! By simply removing the T-Topless™ or Shadow™'s two front pivot bolts, the top can be lifted off and stored in your garage, or the back of an SUV (fits easily in a Suburban, Tahoe, Excursion, Expedition, Sequoia, Hummer and others). The wire for the light on the T-Topless™ and Montauk-T-Topless™ has splash-proof plugs that un-plug for removal. The Flats Top™ has two quick-release pins which are easily removed and the top slides out of its brackets and can be stored in your truck, SUV or car.

Q. I can save money with this top?
A. Garage storage with our T-Tops saves $100-$600/month over dry stack or storage facility costs. That's $1,200-$7,200/year savings, or $12,000-$72,000 savings over an average 10-year boat ownership!

Q. Are these T-Tops as strong as an aluminum pipe t-top?
A. The T-Topless™ and Shadow™ are formed with a numerical control bender and orbital TIG welded from very strong, corrosion resistant, polished 304L and 316 stainless steel. Since they mount to your grab bars, they aren't as rigid as a "fixed" aluminum t-top, but they are actually stronger and will last as longer (maybe even longer than your boat, which is why we have the industry leading 10-Year Frame Warranty). Aluminum t-tops are welded from 1.5" aluminum pipe (not tubing), which eliminates the protective anodzing in the welded area and will pit and crack over time. For more details, see our "Why Stainless?" section.

Q. Can I mount these tops on aluminum grab rails?
A. No. RNR-Marine™ does not support or warrant mounting these tops on aluminum grab rails, for three reasons:

  1. There are no rails clamps to fit aluminum rails, which are 1.080" diameter. Stainless grab rail clamps are made in 7/8", 1.000" or 1-1/4" diameter.
  2. Our calculations indicate that the fatigue strength (cycles) of Aluminum grab rails would be too low to use as a structural mounting mount for a top.
  3. Finally, the galvanic corrosion between the aluminum rails and stainless steel would eventually weaken the rails (and look bad).

Q. Can I stand on top of this top to sight fish?
A. No. These tops are sturdy, but not intended to stand on. You need a bigger boat or a poling platform ;-)

Q. Can I mount 4 or 5 rod holders across the back?
A. Yes, you can mount rod holders across the back, but recommend putting them on the sides for four reasons::

  1. Clearance - The T-Topless™ and Shadow™ mount a little lower than some T-Tops, and you may hit your head on the bottoms of the rod holders, especially as you climb in/out over the gunwales.
  2. Rod Handling - We prefer to keep rod holders out of the way of the back of the boat where you will be fighting fish. The bottom of the rod holders just add another set of obstacles when you're fighting a fish.
  3. Reaching the Rods - On many boats, it is difficult to reach the rods when they're in the back, often requiring standing on the side of the boat, a seat or a cooler. You can mount lower on the side as well as along the upper sides, and help yourself out.
  4. Trolling - We actually use the rod holders on the side to troll rods for King and Spanish Mackerel. On a small boat like our SeaPro 180 demo boat, we can actually troll 6 rods this way!

Q. I have a Boston Whaler® Montauk™. What are my options?
A. If you have a Montauk™ 17 or 170, a Dauntless™ 18 or 180 or an Outrage™ 18 the Montauk-T-Topless™ or Montauk-Shadow™ are the answer, since they a) allow the use the standard Whaler rod holders along the front of the console. They are also about 5" taller than the standard T-Topless™, provide much need storage for life preservers and fold down all the way in front.

Q. What about my flats boat?
A. Our Flats-Top provides coverage for 2 people, installs in an hour, is usable at speed and removes for cool days.

Q. Why don't I just build my own top?
A. You could, but:

  1. Cost would be the same or higher since we buy fittings and tubing at wholesale and we've optimized our manufacturing process to keep costs as low as possible,,
  2. Bending would be difficult (impossible to do with a pipe bender - you need a tubing bender),
  3. Welds would be difficult and probably never equal to the quality of our orbital welder,
  4. You'll have to find a canvas maker to produce a custom size/shape canvas, while we order the same shape canvas in discounted batches,
  5. Finally - if your top doesn't work out, you've spent the time & money and have no guarantee it will work and no warranty,
  6. By the way - we have patents pending on each of our top models.
  7. Our tops have been developed since 2003 and are proven and warranted for 10 years! We've never had a top returned for not working or quality issues. Because ... they work!

Q. Shipping costs seems high. Why?
A. While the T-Topless™ is only 28 pounds and the Shadow™ models are just 19-22 pounds (plus weight of clamps, box and packing ... plus any options such as rod holders), shippers charge based on "dimensional weight" for large boxes. This "Dimensional Weight" is based on the box size, rather than the weight.

  • The T-Topless™ is fully assembled and ships in a 76"x52"x26" box, which requires LTL ("Less Than Truckload") motor freight on an 18-wheeler,

  • Both the 19lb. Shadow™ (27lb in box) and the 24lb. Montauk-Shadow™ (32lb in box) fit in a 75"x26"x10" box and ship Fedex® Ground or UPS® Ground.
All shipments are full insured, with signature required and typically to residences (which costs more). With fuel prices up, the shippers have been forced to raise their rates, and we still lose money on shipping in many cases.

Some ask why we don't have "free" shipping, but there really is never anything free about shipping. Shipping is a cost to anyone who ships, and we feel it is better to be up front about this cost, and add it at our actual cost (no profit here) to the sale. This gives those who live nearby the opportunity to simply pick up their top with no shipping costs. Anyone offering "free shipping" simply adds the shipping cost into the price.

Q. Why hasn't anyone invented something like this before?
A. Bimini and T-Tops have been around for a long time, but they each have issues. We've combined the best of both worlds - the advantages of a T-Top with the convenience of a Bimini - and tested and refined it since 2003! Yes, there are a few others removable T-Tops on the market, but they're aluminum and you must drill holes in your floor and console to install them and some are difficult to lower or remove (the T-Topless™ and Shadow™ models pivot forward by pulling 2 quick-release pins). The Flats-Top™ is a unique solution to the typical beach umbrella used on many flats boats on hot days - but you can't fish around a each umbrella, and you certainly don't get shade when you're moving!

Q. Where do I buy a T-Topless™, Montauk-T-Topless™, Shadow™, Montauk-Shadow™ or Flats-Top™?
A. Right here! Or, ask your dealer. We are establishing dealers in the across the US and will continue to expand.

Q. How can I specify shipping to somewhere besides my credit card billing address?
A. PayPal® requires that we deliver to an address associated with your credit card (this is for your security, as well as ours).
To ship to a different "alternate address" (not your credit card billing address):

  1. simply call your credit card company using the 1-800 number from the back of your card,
  2. ask them to add the new shipping address as an approved "alternate shipping address",
  3. use this "alternate shipping address" when you place your order online (PayPal® will verify this address automatically with your credit card compnay, so all is secure).

Q. How can I catch more fish?
A. Our tops do a lot, but we can't guarantee more fish. The T-Topless™, Shadow™ & Flats-Top™ will avoid annoying Bimini Top straps, protect you from the rain and sun, hold your rods, display your navigation light, look great and fit in your garage - all of which should put your mind at ease - to focus on fishing!

Got Questions? We've got answers! Ask us. Call us! If we don't know, we'll find out! Inquiries?

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