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RNR-Marine™, Inc has Factory Original-Equipment (OEM) Canvas for 1,000's of boats and manufactures the T-Topless™, Montauk-T-Topless™, Shadow™, Montauk-Shadow™ and Flats-Top™ folding and removable tops for Center Console and Flats Boats
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TTopCover™ Under T-Top or Hard-Top Boat Covers T-Top Mooring/Storage Curtains Carver® Custom-Fit™ Trailerable Boat Covers for 1,800+ boats Carver® Styled-To-Fit™ Trailerable Boat Covers for 15,000+ boats Carver® Center Console Boat Covers LaPortes® Center, Dual Console & Flats Boat Covers Laportes® Custom Trailerable, Center Console (No T-Top) Boat Covers Carver® Over T-Top or Hard-Top Boat Covers Carver® Under Wakeboard-Tower Boat Covers Carver® Over Wakeboard-Tower Boat Covers Carver® Flats-Boat with Poling-Platform Covers Universal Console Covers, No T-Top Universal Leaning-Post Covers Universal Reversible (Flip-Flop) Seat Covers Snap-In-Carpet™ Mat Set   Motorcycle covers (Winter 2021)
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Customer Service

Routine Inspections, Scheduled Maintenance & Cleaning of RNR-Marine™ Products

In order to safely enjoy your product, maintain its beauty and increase its longevity, it is critical that you perform Routine Inspections, Scheduled Maintenance and Cleaning.

It is important to perform a quick, Routine Inspection of your product before every use. It is equally important to perform Scheduled Maintenance and Cleaning of your product. The following tables describe what should be inspected and maintained before and after each use, what maintenance is required on a regular basis, and how to clean your product without damaging it..

If a problem is found, it must be repaired/replaced immediately, prior to use, to avoid safety issues.

Failure to perform regular, routine inspections, scheduled maintenance, repair/replacement of broken parts or basic cleaning will void your warranty and release RNR-Marine, Inc. from any liability for damage or injury through use of the product.

Routine & Scheduled Maintenance: T-Topless™, Montauk-T-Topless™, Shadow™ & Montauk-Shadow™:
  • Every Use - Every time you use the top:
    • Routine Inspections - Before Every Use:
      1. Check structural integrity of top (Is everything square, welds good?),
      2. Check front pivot bolts for wear and make sure clamps, screws and nuts are tight,
      3. Make sure rear legs' quick-release pin is firmly installed and locking tab is turned 90° to prevent it from coming out accidentally,
      4. Make sure your boat's windshield grab rails are firmly affixed and structurally sound (no broken welds or loose screws),
      5. Make sure the console is firmly attached to the floor of the boat,
      6. Make sure canvas lacing is tight and not nicked or broken,
      7. Check navigation light (if so equipped) before going out at night.

    • Routine Maintenance - After Every Use:
      1. In saltwater: Wash down your top, frame and bolts with freshwater.
      2. Make sure your fingers, rods, gear, family, etc. are out of the way when you SLOWLY fold down your top.
      3. Wash and carefully dry your Clear Vinyl (see below) after every use.

  • Scheduled Maintenance:
    • Every 50 hours of use or annually (whichever comes first):
      1. Remove front legs' pivot nuts/bolts (2). If the bolt (1/4-20x1.25" Stainless) is worn more than 5%, it must be replaced. Re-install with grease on thread to avoid galling and locking up of the stainless-to-stainless threads. Do NOT over-tighten over 10 ft-lbs of torque!
      2. Check 1/4-20x1/4" cap screws (do not over-tighten):
        1. Pivoting "eyelet" at Bottom of Rear-Legs,
        2. Jaw-Slide where Rear-Legs attach to top frame.
      3. Check Rail-Clamps to make sure they are tight, and not damaged,
      4. Check screws or bolts attaching windshield grab rails to console to make sure they are tight,
      5. Check screws or bolts attaching console to the boat's deck to make sure they are tight.

  • Optional Maintenance:
Scheduled and Routine Maintenance: Flats-Top™
  • Every Use - Every time you use the top:
    • Routine Inspections - Before Every Use:
      1. Visually check structural integrity of top, poling platform and deck mounts (is everything square and solid?),
      2. Check mounting bolts (through poling platform) to insure they're tight.

    • Routine Maintenance - After Every Use:
      1. In saltwater: Wash down your top, frame and bolts with freshwater.

  • Scheduled Maintenance:
    • Every 50 hours of use or annually (whichever comes first):
      1. Remove Flats-Top removal nuts/bolts (2). If the bolts (1/4-20x2", 10-24x2" or 5/6-18x2" Stainless) are worn more than 5%, it must be replaced. Re-install with grease on thread to avoid galling and locking up of the stainless-to-stainless threads. Do NOT over-tighten over 10 ft-lbs of torque!

  • Optional Maintenance:
Cleaning Canvas, Clear Vinyl and Stainless Steel:
  • If your canvas, clear vinyl or stainless frame are dirty, you may clean them as follows:

    • Sunbrella® and SeaMark® Canvas or Assembled Top (Stainless Frame and Sunbrella® or SeaMark® Canvas)
      Per or download Marine tops and covers cleaning (pdf) guide:
      • When its time for a thorough cleaning, Sunbrella® fabrics can be cleaned while still on a boat or, size permitting, they can be removed for cleaning in a washing machine or dockside. When cleaning Sunbrella fabrics, it is important to observe the following:
        1. Always use a mild detergent such as Woolite or Dawn dishwashing liquid.
        2. Water should be cold to lukewarm.
        3. Rinse thoroughly to remove all detergent residue.
        4. Air dry only. Never apply heat to Sunbrella fabrics.
      • General or light cleaning
        To clean Sunbrella® while still on a boat, follow these simple steps:
        1. Brush off loose dirt.
        2. Hose down.
        3. Prepare a cleaning solution of water and mild detergent such as Woolite or Dawn dishwashing liquid.
        4. Use a soft bristle brush to clean.
        5. Allow cleaning solution to soak into the fabric.
        6. Rinse thoroughly until all detergent residue is removed.
        7. Air dry.
        8. May not require re-treatment depending on the age of the fabric.
      • Heavy cleaning for stubborn stains and mildew: If stubborn stains persist on your SUnbrella® fabric, you can use a diluted chlorine bleach/detergent mixture for spot cleaning of mildew, roof run-off or other similar stains (see Sunbrella's Stain chart for specific recommendations).
        Sunbrella® fabric does not promote mildew growth, however, mildew may grow on dirt and other foreign substances that are not removed from the fabric. To clean mildew, or other stubborn stains:
        1. (Eight ounces (one cup) of chlorine bleach.
        2. Two ounces (1/4 cup) of mild soap and/or detergent.
        3. One gallon of water. 303® Fabric Guard
        4. Clean with soft bristle brush.
        5. Allow mixture to soak into the fabric for up to 15 minutes.
        6. Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed.
        7. Air dry.
        8. Repeat if necessary.
        9. Re-treatment of fabric for water and stain resistance may be necessary.
      • To "Waterproof" and further protect your Sunbrella®, use 303 Fabric Guard (Video), which is the only product endorsed by Glenn Raven Mills®, manufacturer of Sunbrella® Marine Fabric.
      • Material should be thoroughly dry before prolonged storage.

    • Herculite® Weblon® Regatta® and Stamoid® Canvas
      • Keep clean. Occasional hosing will prevent dirt accumulation. Most dirt accumulation can be removed by soap, water and brush or strong detergent. Rinse thoroughly. In extreme cases, most dirt can be removed by applying a full or half strength bleach and brushing softly to cover thoroughly the necessary area. Allow to remain for two to three minutes, then thoroughly hose-rinse, protecting surrounding material or plant growth that might be damaged by bleach.
      • In areas particularly conducive to mildew, brush away any visible accumulation of dirt on underside. Mildew cannot attack the canvas, but it can grow on dirt!
      • During removal and re-installation, avoid dragging over rough or hard areas which can puncture the canvas or develop frictional heat at the folds.
      • Material should be thoroughly dry before prolonged storage.
      • Imar® products makes Stamoid® Marine Vinyl Cleaner #603, which (per their site): "is specially formulated to gently but thoroughly clean STAMOID® and other vinyl without harming Strataglass® or any other clear vinyl if overspray or runoff occurs when used according to the instructions. Frequent use is recommended, particularly in areas of high environmental pollution. Application will assure the continued like-new appearance of your yachts vinyl. (Use before IMAR #601 & IMAR #602)"

    • ClimaShield Plus® is designed to be easy to maintain. It can be washed, or brushed off and rinsed.
      Proper care and cleaning is important to the life of all fabrics.
        • Add 2 ounces of mild soap such as Woolite, Dreft baby detergent or Ivory to 1 gallon of lukewarm water.
        • Clean the fabric with a "soft bristle brush".
        • Rinse thoroughly with cold water and air dry.
        • Add maximum 1 cup of bleach to one 1 gallon of water.
        • Spray on lightly to the fabric face (non-coated side). Do not soak fabric. Prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals can damage the coating.
        • Rinse immediately. Do not leave on for more than 2 minutes.
      • Climashield Plus® is treated with a Durable Water Repellent coating (DWR). Cleaning with harsh cleaners such as bleach will require a retreatment like 303 High Tech Fabric Guard for restoring water repellency.
      • Tips:
        • Never store the cover while wet. Dry the cover prior to storage. This will help prevent mildew growth, which will damage the fabric.
        • Clean the cover with mild soap and water to remove dirt, bird droppings, etc.
        • Prevent sharp objects, solvents and hot items from coming into contact with the cover.
        • If stored outdoors, do not allow ice or water to accumulate on the cover, as they may cause damage. Please follow instructions closely to reduce or eliminate the threat of water accumulation.
        • Straps could come in contact with boat during trailering causing damage. Add additional padding around straps to prevent this damage.

    • Phifertex® Gear Loft
    • Clear Vinyl (aka Eisenglass) and Strataglass® Coated Clear Vinyl
      • Clear Vinyl windows are damaged by water spotting, UV light and cracking. IMAR® Strataglass® Protective Polish #302 IMAR® Strataglass® Protective Cleaner #301 IMAR® Yacht Soap Concentrate #401
      • As Strataglass® notes: DO NOT HANDLE ANY Clear and Vinyl Materials With SUNSCREEN ON YOUR HANDS... This can permanently cloud the vinyl material where handled.
      • AVOID (do NOT use) any waxes, suntan lotion (permanent damage), suncreen (permanent damage), Rain-X®, Pledge®, Plexus® and Windex® ! Some of these will appear to provide a short term improvement, but they will damage your clear vinly windows permanently.
      • Strataglass® recommends using ONLY:
      • To clean your Clear Vinyl:
        • Salt Water - First remove salt water deposits with a salt neutralizer (Bio-Kleen® Salt Kleen® or Star-Brite® Salt-Off® and dry with a chamois or micro fiber towel.
        • Fresh Water - For fresh water, wash with a boat wash and dry with a chamois or micro fiber towel.
        • To prevent deterioration to your boat curtains, it is important to apply a protectant (Strataglass® Protective Cleaner® 301 or Bio-Kleen® Qwik Shine®) to the inside and outside of clear vinyl. Regularly maintain with this detailing spray, an easy spray-on/wipe-off application. Incorporated polymers in the product protect the vinyl curtains from becoming rigid and cloudy.
        • NEVER tow you boat with your Clear Vinyl in place, as it will be coated with road grime and oils (and beat the top up). These oils and grime may permanently damage your Clear Vinyl.
        • Storage - when not using your boat, it is best to keep your Clear Vinyl out of the sun as much as possible, especially for longer winter storage.
          • Clean and dry your Clear Vinyl (above),
          • Apply protectant
          • If you have a good breathable cover, simply cover the top and curtains/spray-shield,
          • Or, take them off carefully, laying them flat (if you have the room), hanging them flat in a closet, or rolling them loosely (as large a diameter as you have room to store them, even use a clean cotton towel between the layers in the roll) and storing them in a dry, dark place with nothing on top of them.
          • When you put your canvas back on, use Iosso E-Z Snap Zipper & Snap Lubricant to lubricate, waterproof, and reduce friction on snaps, zippers, hinges, and hardware. To use on a snap, simply place one drop in the head of the snap and open and close it a few times. To use on a zipper, place a drop in the middle of the zipper and work up and down a few times to distribute. If you have a lot of snaps (T-Top Spray Shield for example), use a Top Snapper Tool.

    • Stainless Steel Frame:
      • Clean Water and Wipe - The simplest, safest, and least costly method that will adequately do the job is always the best method. This can be done with the Sunbrella® canvas in place. Stainless surfaces thrive with frequent cleaning because there is no surface coating to wear off stainless steels. A soft cloth and clean warm water should always be the first choice for mild stains and loose dirt and soils. A final rinse with clean water and a dry wipe will complete the process and eliminate the possibility of water stains.
      • More rigorous cleaning of a stained surface will require removal of the Sunbrella® and Phifetex® canvas, per
        • Solvent Cleaning - Organic solvents can be used to remove fresh fingerprints, oils and greases that have not had time to oxidize or decompose. The preferred solvent is methyl alcohol. Do NOT use solvents which contain chlorine, acetone, MEK, lacquer thinner, paint thinner or mineral spirits which will damage the Sunbrella fabric such as methyl alcohol. There are many compounded or blended organic cleaners that are commercially available and attempt to optimize both clean-ability and safety attributes. Cleaning can by performed by wiping with the solvent or by sophisticated vapor or spray methods.
        • Household Cleaners - Household cleaners fall into two categories: detergent (non-abrasive) and abrasive cleaners, which we do NOT recommend. Both are effective for many mild dirt, stain, and soil deposits, as well as light oils such as fingerprints. A neutral cleaner low in chloride is preferred. The fact that the label states "for stainless steel" is no guarantee that the product is not abrasive, not acidic, or low in chloride. The cleaning method generally employed with these cleaners is to apply them to the stainless surface and follow by cloth wiping, or to wipe directly with a cleaner-impregnated soft cloth. In all cases, the cleaned surface should be thoroughly rinsed with clean freshwater and wiped dry with a soft cloth if water streaking is a consideration.
        • Commercial Cleaners - Many commercial cleaners compounded from phosphates, synthetic detergents, and alkalis are available for the cleaning of severely soiled or stained stainless surfaces. When used with a variety of cleaning methods, these cleaners can safely provide effective cleaning, however consideration must be given to the Sunbrella® fabric. Manufacturers should be consulted and their recommendations followed whenever using cleaners of this kind. The general precautions stated above also pertain to these cleaners.

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