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RNR-Marine™, Inc has Factory Original-Equipment (OEM) Canvas for 1,000's of boats and manufactures the T-Topless™, Montauk-T-Topless™, Shadow™, Montauk-Shadow™ and Flats-Top™ folding and removable tops for Center Console and Flats Boats
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OEM Canvas

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Escape 204 IO

Canvas Identification
Factory Original Equipment (OEM)
Canvas/Cover(s) Identification

(to identify canvas names only,
NOT exactly like boat)

Boat Shade Kit
Shade-Extension Kit attaches to your existing top to provide more shade for your family

Select-Fit^&trade^; Boat-Cover
Select-Fit™ Boat-Cover

Most Larson OEM Canvas Offered in Sunbrella® Marine Fabric
Larson® Factory Original-Equipment Sunbrella® Marine Canvas

RNR-Marine™ products are Made in the USA

Home Larson Larson 204 2003-2011 Larson Escape 204, I/O

Larson® Escape 204, I/O (2003-2011) deck boat: Click to Email RNR-Marine about 2003-2011 Larson Escape 204 IO Factory Original Canvas...
Products: Click product links below for details/colors/purchase, click images/links at right for full view...
  1. Bimini-Top Canvas (OEM) - Factory Bimini CANVAS (no frame) with Zippers for OEM front Connector and Curtains (not included), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) (Sunbrella) for Larson® Escape 204 IO (2003-2011) , varies $443 to $2,305 (Email for price)
  2. Bimini-Top Frame (OEM) - Factory Bimini FRAME (NO Canvas), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Larson® Escape 204 IO (2003-2011) , varies $446 to $2,952 (Email for price)
  3. Bimini-Boot (OEM) - Factory Zippered Bimini BOOT COVER, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) (Sunbrella marine fabric) for Larson® Escape 204 IO (2003-2011) , varies $92 to $638
  4. Bimini-Connector (OEM) - Factory Front BIMINI CONNECTOR Eisenglass Window Set (also called Windscreen, typically 3 front panels, but 1 or 2 on some boats) zips between Bimini-Top (not included) and Windshield. (NO Bimini-Top OR Side-Curtains, sold separately), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) (Sunbrella) for Larson® Escape 204 IO (2003-2011) , varies $386 to $3,256 (Email for price)
  5. Bimini-Top Side-Curtains (OEM) - Pair Factory Bimini SIDE CURTAINS (Port and Starboard sides) with Eisenglass windows zips to sides of OEM Bimini-Top (Not included, sold separately), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) (Sunbrella) for Larson® Escape 204 IO (2003-2011) , varies $228 to $2,387 (Email for price)
  6. Bimini-Aft-Curtain (OEM) - Factory Bimini AFT CURTAIN with Eisenglass window(s) for Bimini-Top (not included) angles back to Transom area (not vertical), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) (Sunbrella) for Larson® Escape 204 IO (2003-2011) , varies $490 to $2,687 (Email for price)
  7. Bow-Cover (OEM) - Factory Snap-On BOW COVER with Adjustable Aluminum Support Pole and reinforced Snap for Pole Alignment in Center of Cover on Larger Bow-Covers, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) (Sunbrella) for Larson® Escape 204 IO (2003-2011) , varies $452 to $1,218 (Email for price)
  8. Cockpit-Cover (OEM) - Factory Snap-On COCKPIT COVER with Adjustable Aluminum Support Pole(s) and reinforced Snap(s) for Pole alignment in Center of Cover on Larger Cockpit-Covers, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) (Sunbrella) for Larson® Escape 204 IO (2003-2011) , varies $846 to $4,048 (Email for price)
  9. Over-Wakeboard-Tower Boat-Cover by Carver® - Over-Tower-Cover completely covers Boat, Wakeboard Tower and Swim Platform, versus Bow, Cockpit and Mooring Covers that do not cover the hull AND tower (Sunbrella)
  10. Bimini-Top Extension Kit - Our unique Shade Extension kit attaches to the back of the Bimini-Top on the Escape 204, I/O to extend shade over the cockpit (or bow) area with telescoping aluminum Support Poles , $757.00 , SALE PRICE: $681.30 (HUGE Memorial Day Sale thru 5/27)
  11. Select-Fit™ Boat Cover - search for Boat Cover for deck boat
  12. SNAD™ "No-Drill" Snaps, White - Drill NO holes in your white boat with YKK® SNAD™ White 3M® Adhesive Domed std. size Male Snap Studs.
All Canvas and Covers are made-to-order and typically ship in 2-5 weeks
(check your cart for actual lead time).

Larson®: Celebrating 100 years in business, Larson is an icon of the American boating industry.

Factory Original-Equipment-Manufacturer (OEM) Canvas for Larson® boats: RNR-Marine™ is a leading dealer for Ameritex® Fabrics, who patterned and manufactured Factory Original-Equipment-Manufacturer (OEM) canvas for Larson® 180, 180SF, 186 Senza, 204, 206LXI, 206 Senza, 208LXI, 216SC, 218LXI, 220 Cabrio, 226 Senza, 228LXI, 230, 238LXI, 240 Cabrio, 248LXI, 254 Escape, 258LXI, 260, 260 Cabrio, 268LXI, 274, 274 Cabrio, 279, 288, 288LXI, 290, 310, 310 Bim, 310 Cabrio, 330, 330ATS, 330 Cabrio, 350, 370, 370HT, 370 Day Cruiser, 370RA and 860LX boats from 1997 to current.

We produce new canvas (diagram explaining what each piece of canvas is called) in the Black(008), Captain-Navy(046), Mediterranean-Blue-Tweed(053), Forest-Green(037), Beige(020), Linen-Tweed(054) and Jockey-Red(003) Sunbrella fabric colors originally offered by Larson® only. Note: Zippers on OEM Larson(r) canvas are size #8 (6 teeth/inch).Most (NOT All) Larson(r) Bimini Tops have zippered frame (bow) pockets for easy installation. Larson(r) installed the snaps in their boats, canvas and covers at their factory, so we cannot install the canvas snaps for you because we do not have locations. We can only sell canvas and covers direct for Larson(r) boats over 2 years old.Larson(r) OEM canvas part number scheme: Ameritex(r) or Ameritex(r) tags, where [xxx] identifies the canvas piece and [ccc] is the color code. Larson(r) Hull Identification Number (HIN) = LARsssssmbyy (1972-2010) or IJLsssssmbyy (2010-current) , where [yy] = model year. Windows are made with premium 30ga Eisenglass (Isinglass) flat (not rolled) clear vinyl window material. Specifications, care and cleaning of Sunbrella , premium 30ga Eisenglass (Isinglass) flat (not rolled) clear vinyl and other canvas materials are detailed below. In some cases (if the boat mfgr is out of business for example you can upgrade the windows to Strataglass coated clear vinyl (approx. 50-60 percent more cost), however the standard Eisenglass (clear vinyl) will last for many years with proper care, cleaning and storage. We utilize our library of 1,000's of patterns to produce new, "made-to-order" Factory Original canvas for your Larson® boat. This is the same canvas originally offered from the Larson® Factory and sold by your local Larson® dealer (local dealers may only go back 5 years or so however, and charge local sales tax, which we do not charge except in South Carolina). No other canvas manufacturer has these patterns or the ability to produce the exact Factory OEM canvas that was offered from the Larson® Factory when your boat was new.

Please be sure that you have the Factory Larson® frame or matching canvas.
Zipper Sizes #8 and #10
Size #10 (5 teeth/inch) and #8 (6 teeth/inch) zipper comparison and measurement
There are no cancellations, refunds or returns on Factory OEM canvas, since it is all "made-to-order" for you. Some owners (and even dealers, when new) installed their own "after-market" Bimini Tops, T-Tops, Hard-Tops and Canvas, so please:

  1. Compare your canvas or frame to the Larson® factory OEM photos shown here,
  2. Check for "Ameritex" or "Taylor Made" tags with Larson® OEM part numbers on existing canvas,
  3. Verify that your existing canvas has # 8 gauge zippers (factory original-equipment Larson® OEM zipper size):
    • #8 gauge zippers have 6 teeth per inch and will NOT zip to #10 zippers,
    • #10 gauge zippers have 5 teeth per inch and will NOT zip to #8 zippers,
    • See zipper size comparison photo at right,
    • Please note that after-market canvas makers often use the large #10 gauge zippers.
    • The zipper gauge size is actually the height of the teeth, 8mm or 10mm tall for example. (#8 has 8mm tall teeth and #10 is 10mm tall for example). Since it is very difficult to measure the zipper tooth height, the easiest way to measure zipper size is to count the number of teeth over 2 inches: a #8 zipper has 12 teeth over 2 inches and a #10 zipper has 10 teeth over 2 inches.

Additional Shade for Larson® boats : When its hot you can never have enough shade. Our Boat Shade Kits (starting at $529.00 , SALE PRICE: $476.10 (HUGE Memorial Day Sale thru 5/27)) extend shade over the cockpit or bow (can even be used like a Spray-Dodger) and can be put up or taken down in minutes.

Factory Original-Equipment (OEM) Covers for Larson® boats : We offer Factory OEM Bow and Cockpit Covers (typically in durable Sunbrella®) to fit your Larson® boat perfectly.

Custom After-Market Covers for Larson® boats : We also offer after-market Westland® Exact-Fit™Boat Covers (from $127) and Carver® Custom-Fit™Boat Covers (from $239), Styled-To-Fit™Boat Covers (from $229) and Westland® Select-Fit ™ (by boat type/size) Boat Covers (from $117) and Outboard Motor Hoods (covers) (from $44) in Sunbrella® marine fabric (the best quality, breathable fabric for covers) as well as some excellent high-quality, but less expensive materials, that are designed as an "Exact-Fit" using measurements taken from your particular model of outboard motor.

Larson® Boat Resources:

Factory OEM and After-Market Canvas
For more details, see RNR-Marine.com/Canvas.shtml

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